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9 Great Reasons You Should Hire a VA for Your TpT Business

Teachers Pay Teachers is an interesting, engaging and profitable business. Growing your TpT store is even more interesting, but it’s extremely hard to keep up with the pace. The social scene changes constantly and it happens that you need to understand every latest development online, on social media, in news and other avenues just to stay afloat.

The question is: Do you really need all that to succeed and make profits in your TpT store?

Unfortunately, the answer is yes. Unless of course, you want to remain irrelevant, which beats the point of being a TpT seller anyway, doesn’t it?

So how do you keep up with the daunting task of creating your own content, managing it, dispersing it and still try to remain relevant and actually grow your store?

Unless you have a lot of time on your hands, you would need to ask for assistance from people who are more versed in this avenue. Each day, you receive lots of mails from people selling marketing, branding and promotion services. Whereas we do not refute that some of these mails could be legitimate and actually do what they say they can, there is no guarantee on that. You could be ripped off pretty fast.

The other day someone asked a question in one of the Facebook groups: How can a virtual assistant help Teacher-sellers?

This question caught my attention and more so because not many people have an idea what a virtual assistant can do to assist TpT sellers. This prompted me to write this article as a guide delving into what a virtual assistant is, what they do and how they can assist you in transforming your TpT store into a profitable one.

A virtual assistant is a person who offers many support services for your business remotely. There are a number of services that a virtual assistant does and these services include the following;

  • Social media Scheduling
  • SEO Optimization
  • Analytics and Reports
  • Content writing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Customer service
  • Web research
  • Editing
  • Proof-reading
  • Blogging & Maintenance

For services directly related to TpT sellers;

  • Pinning TpT pins
  • Joining Boards and tribes
  • Creating engagements on Pinterest and maintaining them
  • Scheduling pins in Tailwind
  • Applying SEO to assist your Store in gaining more traction

The above services are just a few that a virtual assistant can do to assist your business gain profits. The following section will dive deeper and offer you 10 good reasons why you should go ahead and hire that VA for your TpT store.

Reason #1 – Free time to concentrate on the important stuff

Building content for the TpT store is time-consuming. Most of us enjoy doing so and if given the chance, it would be all we do. We just don’t have the time to keep up with rapidly changing market dynamics that demands so much of our time. Working with a VA can free time to allow you concentrate on the primary business of creating quality products for sale.

Reason #2 – VAs have the expertise needed to make your TpT store scale faster

As a store owner, you might be good in coming up with beautiful content, but if you cannot showcase this content to the target audience, then you cannot scale up. Acknowledging that we cannot be good at everything, why not hire an expert to handle the monotonous and demanding bits of marketing, particularly on Pinterest?

Reason #3 – A good VA brings on board creativity

Sometimes when creative juices stop flowing, you might need to hear someone else’s input. This might be just the thing you need to push your business to the next level. A good virtual assistant should be able to offer creativity and a bunch of ideas. 

Reason #4 – Increase your store’s profitability

This should perhaps have been the first reason. Your store’s profitability will definitely increase if you have someone to show you how to go about marketing your products to the targeted niche.

Reason #5 – Increase your brand visibility

Brand visibility is enhanced when the right ways of promoting your brand are used. This involves the use of numerous tactics and channels that keep on changing. It is the job of a VA to understand these channels and keep pace with them for you.

Reason #6- Outsource monotonous tasks

Most tasks in marketing online are similar, repetitive and downright boring! The VA can take care of this aspect, allowing you to do the more interesting tasks of content creation.


Reason #7- Rules, regulations, and conditions of online forums

Today, there are numerous rules and regulations that one needs to keep up with when joining social media forums, boards and such. These rules keep changing rapidly. You cannot keep up with them and manage your store effectively. Luckily for you, a VA can.

Reason #8 – Save on costs

Hiring a VA can save you money. There are no costs involved that brick and mortar businesses have when hiring employees. A Virtual Assistant is an independent business owner. You don’t pay for insurance, sick days. vacation pay, etc.

Reason #9 – Flexibility

VAs are flexible. They are able to multitask as the need arises. You need someone who is able to be flexible enough to adapt to the rapidly changing marketing environment.

What to look for in when hiring a VA

Irrespective of whether you need to hire a VA for your business or not, it is certainly worth your time to consider this option.  Success stories of TpT sellers who have hired VAs to work on their business are everywhere. When hiring one. Look for a number of things;

  • The VA must be able to communicate effectively
  • The VA must be able to work with your schedule and time frames
  • The VA must be honest

If you have more questions on this subject, you can contact me here and I will be able to offer more pointers and insights into your business.






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