9 Great Reasons TpT Sellers Should Hire a Virtual Assistant

9 Reasons a TpT seller should hire a virtual assistant

Teachers Pay Teachers is an interesting, engaging, and profitable business. Growing your TpT store is even more interesting, but it’s extremely hard to keep up with the pace. And that’s why in this post, I’ll go over the nine reasons why TpT sellers should hire a Virtual Assistant. The social scene changes constantly, and it…

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You Needed an Etsy Virtual Assistant… Yesterday!

You Needed an Etsy Virtual Assistant Yesterday!|Etsy|virtual assistant|

Don’t waste time on the admin details. Working with an Etsy Virtual Assistant will give you the freedom to focus on making more sales in your Etsy shop. Why you need an Etsy Virtual Assistant You have a successful Etsy shop, and more and more orders are coming in every day. In the beginning, it…

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Customer Service Tips for TpT Stores

Customer service tips for TpT, teacher-sellers|Tpt|teacher-sellers|customer service|

Do you make sure that you provide a great customer service experience for your buyers? There are simple ways to keep your customers happy, coming back to purchase more products, and referring you to friends and relatives. TpT and teacher-sellers can’t afford to ignore¬†customer service. A few weeks ago, there was a big discussion in…

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Do You Know the 4 Secrets to Great Customer Service?

do you know the 4 secrets to great customer service?|customer service secrets|

¬†Small businesses can’t afford to lose customers because they lack good customer service skills. In this post are customer service tips for small businesses. Customer service for small businesses is vital, especially for small businesses that don’t have a large budget for marketing. There are simple ways to keep customers happy, come back to your…

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Why Do You Need a Virtual Assistant?

Why are businesses hiring Virtual Assistants/ |virtual assistant|businesses

And the Question Is…Why Are Businesses Hiring Virtual Assistants? If you’re selling on TpT or another Teacher-Seller site or own online boutique business, you are most likely doing everything yourself. It may be time to think about hiring a Virtual Assistant If you are a business, shop, or store with an online presence, the biggest…

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Congratulations! You’re Ready to Hire a Virtual Assistant

3 Tips to Remember When Hiring a Virtual Assistant Make sure that you can communicate with each other. Does your consultant understand your instruction? Have it repeated back to you to make sure there is no miscommunication. Have a list of specific tasks written down that you want your consultant to handle for you. (You…

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