6 Reasons to Hire a Pinterest Manager Today!

6 Reasons You Need to Hire a Pinterest Management Service Today!

Why do you need to hire a Pinterest Manager? Did you know that Pinterest has over 450 million monthly active users? 100 million of those users have been generated in the last year ALONE. This means that Pinterest now has more monthly active users than both Twitter and Snapchat combined. Is your mind blown?! Not…

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Rock Your Pinterest Marketing with Video Pins!

What Pinterest video pins are and how you can use them for Pinterest marketing.

Do you use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog, online shop, or to promote your brand? Whether it’s more exposure for your physical products or digital content, learning how to use video content on Pinterest is essential to grow and promote your business! A study by Cisco shows that by 2020, video will account…

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What Are Fresh Pins: Crafting A Pinterest Strategy

Pinterest Pin for the blog post-What Are Fresh Pins?

What Are Fresh Pins: Crafting A Pinterest Strategy Everybody that markets with Pinterest has heard the term so let’s answer the question. What are “Fresh” Pins and how can you use them to craft a Pinterest strategy? In early February 2020, Pinterest went live with Tailwind to tell Pinterest users that sharing fresh content will…

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Pinterest Has Added 5 New Shopping Features

New Pinterest Shopping Features You Should Know About

5 New Pinterest Shopping Features Pinterest is constantly improving the shopping experience on its platform by expanding its capabilities with new features and upgrades. And now Pinterest has made it easier with 5 new shopping features making it more convenient for users. Whether it is searching for products using keywords, visual search, or shopping right…

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How to Create Google Chrome Profiles

How To Create Chrome Profiles

Thank you so much for reading this post on “How to Create Google Chrome Profiles” Have you heard about creating Google Chrome profiles when you’re working with multiple clients? You will find creating a profile for every client to be a lifesaver! That’s why I wanted to share this great time-saving tip with everyone and…

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An Awesome Pinterest Planner for TpT Sellers!

Monthly Pin Planner for Teachers Pay Teachers Pinterest Marketing

Seriously? Another Pinterest Post Planner I’m sure you’ve looked at or downloaded other post planners for Pinterest, but that’s exactly what they are…Pinterest post planners. These planners are more for bloggers. For example, after you’ve downloaded it, you realize the topics suggested for January are Fitness or Healthy Eating. These planners are for bloggers and…

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Do You Sell on TpT? You Need a Blog!

TpT Sellers How to Start a Blog and Why You Need One

Why Do You Need an Education Blog? Supplementary education services, including Teachers Pay Teachers, are big business that continues to show growth with multiple types of opportunities available. As a teacher, you have an array of resources and advice to disburse to other educators, students, and others interested in education. There’s no easier way to…

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7 “Must Have” Tips for a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

7 Tips for a Pinterest Virtual Assistant- Polished Tasks Management

7 Tips for a Pinterest Virtual Assistant The time spent in the beginning makes everything easier in the end. As a Pinterest Virtual Assistant, you will find this statement to be true. When it comes to scheduling and organizing your Pinterest pins, it’s worth the work to set up your systems and processes from the…

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