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About Pinterest Video Pins

Do you use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog, online shop, or to promote your brand? Whether it's more exposure for your physical products or digital content, learning how to use video content on Pinterest is essential to grow and promote your business!

A study by Cisco shows that by 2020, video will account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic. Video pins are why Pinterest is banking on the easily digestible characteristic of video content on the platform to keep Pinterest users engaged. 

Thirty-six percent more Millennials are using Pinterest to make the most of their time at home compared to last year. Why shouldn't you consider spending some time creating video pins on Pinterest! How can you get started?

To help content creators like you, Pinterest has provided plenty of useful tips when it comes to creating Pinterest videos or “video pins.” Using free tools and with just a few minutes of your time, you can easily make highly engaging Pinterest videos that will further promote your brand on Pinterest!

What Are Video Pins?

Video pins are a great storytelling tool for your content. They're also great for giving a more comprehensive story about your brand, idea, or project

Once uploaded, your video pins will play in the Pinterest users’ feed. So, keep in mind that your audience may or may not want the volume on when they click on your video pin to see more. 

Pinterest recommends these specs for videos:

  • 6-15 seconds for video ads
  • MP4 files smaller than 2G is ideal
  • You are allowed up to 100 characters for your title description and up to 500 characters for your video description, with the first 50-60 characters likely to show up on the feed

Why Make Video Pins?

Contrary to the static image pins that are less interactive, the variety and engagement of video pins will keep your audience engaged, happy, and reacting to your content! 

Here are a few types of video pins you can create:

  • Static pin with short video embedded
  • Snippets (short videos without audio)
  • Static images with animated elements on Canva
  • Video content formatted into Pinterest’s vertical pin with a 2:3 ratio.

If you're a DIY craft or food blogger, video tutorials perform very well as your audience wants to see firsthand how you create delicious food or crafts! For physical products such as lifestyle items, shoes, and fashion accessories, showcase your products by modeling how they can use them to improve their lives.

For other niches such as weddings, personal finance, gardening, and home decor, you can quickly transform your static article pin with a few animations within your video pin to improve content engagement on Pinterest!

How To Use Video PIns To Skyrocket Your Engagement And Promote Your Brand

Now that you know the what and the why of Pinterest videos or video pins, it's time to learn how to use them strategically to skyrocket your engagement. 

When it comes to using video pins effectively, keep your videos short, sweet, and inspirational. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you create your very first video pin.

Crop your videos mindfully.

If you're using Canva to create your video pin, you can easily crop your video size, length, or format after uploading it. Add some custom design and a Pinterest title for your video pin so your audience knows what your video pin is about. 

After finalizing your video pin’s design, remember to double-check how your video pin looks in terms of visibility and clarity of the content. If you're embedding a video and already have text within the video, make sure you are not cropping it out in a way that obscures what your content is about.

When it comes to designing, less is always more. Your video content should take center stage. It should shine without adding too many stickers, gifs, text, etc. that will confuse your audience. 

Pro Tip: When uploading your video pins on Pinterest, you can create a custom cover image to make your content stand out. Simply use the icon on the right-hand side of the “video cover image” feature shown below.

Image of making a cover image for video pins

Add as many relevant tags as possible to your video pin.

Uploading your video pin on Pinterest is super easy. All you have to do is click “Create” at the top-left corner of your Pinterest account and then click “Create Pin.” Once that's done you can upload the video pin from your computer.

Creating a video pin on Pinterest

While you wait for your video pin to upload, add as many relevant tags for your video as possible! The tags will increase the visibility of your video pin on the smart feed and help skyrocket your engagement. 

Pro Tip: Help your audience find your content easily by using tags they're already looking for. For example, if your keyword is “fall farmhouse decor,” use the tag closest to the keyword to improve your video pins’ visibility.

Write a keyword-rich title and description for your video pin.

You spend time and effort to create your video pin.  Why not spend a little more time to do some keyword research? The key here is to be mindful of your audience’s pain points and struggles. This will inform you about the kind of keywords they'll use to search for content on Pinterest. 

Use Pinterest’s search bar to find keywords that are relevant to your video pin. If you'd like your content to rank on the first page, make sure to use long-tail keywords. 

For example, “Christmas gift ideas” is a very general, broad keyword with plenty of search volume and competition. However, “Unique Christmas gifts for female entrepreneurs” is a long-tail keyword. This phrase is much more specific to target your niche audience!

Add your video pin to the most relevant board.

Finished adding a keyword-rich description to your video pin? The next step is to add your video pin to the most relevant board first! Adding keywords will inform the Pinterest algorithm about the type of content you're uploading and the type of audience to show your Pinterest video.

After a few days, go to your Pinterest Analytics>Video to check your video views, link clicks, and saves to see how well your pin performed. If your video pin gets a fair amount of engagement and clicks, continue making similar ones so you can promote your brand on Pinterest even more!

Pro Tip: If you have a video pin that performs well, you also have the option of promoting it for more engagement and traffic to your website.

Wrapping Up

As you continue to use Pinterest to grow your brand and business, adding video pins to your strategy is a surefire way to skyrocket your engagement, increase traffic to your website, and promote your brand. 

Not only will you keep your audience engaged, but they will be primed to buy from you and support your business during these challenging times! 


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