How Pinterest Helps Increase Sales in Your Etsy Shops and Boutique Businesses

How to increase Etsy sales using pinterest|Etsy|Etsy sales|pinterest

In my line of business, I have encountered numerous business owners who really struggle with the promotion of their online shops. I often find that most Etsy shop owners do not understand and use Pinterest effectively to promote their businesses. It is important to note that Pinterest is an avenue that can considerably increase sales of your Etsy shop and boutique.

While promoting your Etsy shop on Pinterest is not rocket science, it requires the expertise and strategies that can be offered by a professional like me. (Learn more). In this article, I will share with you some of the ways in which you can use Pinterest in promoting your Etsy shop and show you why my clients are successful in this field.

How to increase Etsy sales using Pinterest|EtsyEtsy sales|Pinterest|

Pinterest users look to buy products

Unlike other avenues where people just ‘pass through’ window shopping, users on Pinterest actually do buy products from the various businesses they visit. Why shouldn’t you take advantage of this?

If you have an Etsy shop or boutique, you have a better advantage since Etsy is the highest repinned store on Pinterest. The conversion into sales is real, with the company boasting of over 34 million products. You can be part of this action. Stay with me, I will explain how in the next paragraphs.

Develop a solid strategy to market your Etsy shop on Pinterest

You must have a solid strategy on how you will market your shop on Pinterest. The right strategy can ramp up your store sales fast and in a short period of time. The strategy you create would be driven by a set of three key questions:

Do you want to build an audience for your website?Are you looking for brand recognition?Are you focused on getting more sales?

The three questions might intertwine at some point, but having one primary strategic reason is key to achieving success on Pinterest.

How so?

Let’s assume for instance, that your shop sells baby wear. You will want people to recognize your brand, like it, and then buy baby wear products from your store. This is called conversion from click throughs. People coming to your website from your Pinterest is a good sign, but it is not good enough if people are not being convinced to make a purchase. It’s called Vanity metric. What you need is traffic that converts into sales.

Create the perfect pins for your shop

One of the reasons why people do not buy from your shop could be because you do not have the perfect pins. Creating the perfect pins is an art. Placing images from your website and joining boards just won’t cut it. You need to know WHICH pins to put, WHICH boards and tribes to join and WHEN and how to create the perfect mix of your pins and others. Creating beautiful descriptions of pins in such a way that people are attracted to your shop is also an important element in this case. Optimizing your content for Pinterest is an important success-factor for your Shop.

Promoting your pins to your target audience for your Etsy shop

After you set up your pins, you will need to promote them so that you can have the target audience click throughs. How do you that and how do you sustain the promotion?

This is undoubtedly the hardest task for many Etsy shop owners. Between managing inventory, customer orders and shop-related issues, they have no time for this ALL-IMPORTANT task. Scheduling your pins to ensure that your board is always full is a real headache for most of us. Luckily, there are Pinterest Managers like me out there whose role is to ensure that you achieve success in your business through Pinterest management.

Knowing where to promote your pins is an important success element for any business. For instance, you cannot promote food pins in an automotive tribe and expect conversions.

Keep pinning

Regular pinning, as discussed above is important for success in this case. However, in the process of pinning regularly, most business owners either duplicate their pins or pin low-quality pins that impact negatively on their traffic and sales.

Why you should hire a Pinterest manager

Pinterest managers like me are professionals who live, eat and breathe Pinterest. The dedication we have to promote businesses on Pinterest stems from the beauty of the success we observe from what we do.

As a recap, our services include the following:

  • Setting up your Pinterest account.
  • Creating your business boards and adding relevant pins.
  • Adding attractive product descriptions to pins.
  • Following influencers in your niche to grow your brand.
  • Scheduling pins using Tailwind or Board Booster.
  • Joining group boards or Tailwind tribes on your behalf.
  • Setting up your own group board or tribe, invite people to join, and monitoring your board or tribe for appropriate pinning or adding people who want to join.
  • Keeping you updated on what is happening and reports of traffic from Pinterest to your website

Want to know more about this? Let’s talk.

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