Pinterest Has Added 5 New Shopping Features

Shopping Features on Pinterest

5 New Pinterest Shopping Features

Pinterest is constantly improving the shopping experience on its platform by expanding its capabilities with new features and upgrades. And now Pinterest has made it easier with 5 new shopping features making it more convenient for users.

Whether it is searching for products using keywords, visual search, or shopping right from your boards, the shopping experience on Pinterest just got even easier!

As a result of the new and not-so-subtle “shop now” button visible everywhere you look on Pinterest, finding products you are searching for on the platform is now faster, better, and more user-friendly.

So, what are the 5 new Pinterest shopping features you should know about?

1. Shop Using Your Camera- Upgraded Pinterest Visual Search

Have you ever tried searching for a fashion or home decor product on Pinterest using just keywords but came up short? Don’t worry--you can now shop on Pinterest by doing a simple visual search!

Now, all you have to do is hover over to the search bar on Pinterest and click on the camera icon while using the Pinterest mobile app.

You can take a photo or choose a photo of the product you are looking for. Pinterest will then show you ALL the results of products related to the image you chose.

Another feature worth noting is the “shop similar” feature while conducting a visual search. Once you click on this option, the search results will show related in-stock fashion and home decor products relevant to your search term.

2. Shop Within The Boards Section

Pinterest users are also able to shop straight from their boards of online stores, brands and publishers with the new “shop” tab next to “pins”. If a board contains product pins or shoppable pins, you will see the “shop” tab pop up next to the “pins” tab.

Shopping Features on Pinterest

Similar to a shopping list and similar product ideas to the one you are looking for, this new shopping feature allows you to find and buy products within seconds!

This is a cool feature that not only benefits users but also supports small businesses and lesser-known brands by increasing the visibility of their products in searches.

3. Shop From Pins - Updated Filters for Brands and Price Range

Shopping from the pins you find on your home feed is nothing new, but the newly updated filters will definitely make your shopping and browsing experience even better!

If you are looking for keywords such as “kitchen remodel”, “work from home loungewear”, “minimalist desk accessory” etc., you will be able to click on the filter button and choose from the list of brands that show up in the results. You can also further optimize your search with the price range filter!

Shopping Features on Pinterest

You now also have the option of searching for similar products to what you have been looking for using the visual search option on existing pins. All you have to do is click on the search icon on the lower right corner of any product pin as shown below:

Shopping features on Pinterest

With people staying at home and spending more time browsing and shopping on Pinterest, the new category shopping feature is introduced at the perfect time!

When you search for items such as “minimalist desk accessory”, Pinterest will not only show you product pins and article pins that are related to your keyword but will also show you categories similar to your past searches.

Shopping Features on Pinterest

In addition to that, the newly updated shopping spotlights feature on your mobile Pinterest app will pop up when you click on the search icon. Not only will you see topics that are related to what you searched on Pinterest in the past, but you will also see spotlights of influencers and brands similar to those you have followed.

This feature also tailors your home feed to current Pinterest Trends, making it useful to both publishers AND users to see what kind of content or topic is trending on the platform.

5. Search Bar Shopping-Improved Spell Check

Looking for something, in particular, you need by this weekend? When you search for a product or item on Pinterest, you now have the option of choosing to just “explore” or “shop” straightaway.

This new feature saves you from spending a lot of time browsing and combing through non-product pins, as well as help you discover brands you have never heard of before.

All you have to do is choose the “product pins” tab on the right-hand corner of the search bar.

Shopping Features on Pinterest

Pinterest has also upgraded its user experience when it comes to spell-check on your search terms and keywords.

For example, when you are halfway through typing the keyword “kitchen accessory”, Pinterest will show you suggested keywords related to “kitchen accessory” as well as autofill the rest of the word.

Shop Easily Anywhere On Pinterest

With all these new Pinterest shopping features and enhancement introduced, Pinterest is definitely becoming the ultimate social network for shopping - a place where users can easily buy just about any product they see on the screen.

From the search bar, home feed to your very own profile’s personal boards, you are literally a few clicks away from your shopping wish list!

This not only makes shopping and browsing more convenient for users, many of whom are on the platform with buying and shopping intent, but also highly benefits content creators, small business owners and online stores.


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New Pinterest Shopping Features You Should Know About

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