Pinterest Audit

Need an expert take on your Pinterest account?

This is for you if you feel like you’re not getting the results you’re after with your current Pinterest strategies. You could be doing something wrong without noticing.

Conducting a Pinterest audit helps you spot the strengths and weaknesses of your Pinterest account.

Keep reading to learn how a Pinterest audit could help maximize your Pinterest potential.

What to Expect from a Pinterest Audit

While conducting the Pinterest audit, I’ll find the answers to the following questions:

Do your boards fit with your brand/business?
Do you have enough boards?
Are you part of group boards within your niche?
Do your boards include relevant keywords?
Which Tailwind Tribes could you benefit from?

Once I have a clear idea of your Pinterest account needs, I’ll join group boards, Tailwind tribe, and create more boards on your behalf.

Then, I’ll create a spreadsheet that will include your top-performing pins. This way, you can track your most essential pins and replicate a successful formula.

Is a Pinterest audit the right solution for me?

If you’ve been doing your own Pinterest marketing strategies, having an expert look at your account is a great way to get new ideas and strategies.

This is for you if you’re thinking of hiring a Pinterest virtual assistant in the future, but don’t feel quite ready yet.

You want to stay in charge of your Pinterest account but would love to make sure you’re doing it right.

Your Pinterest isn’t growing the way you’d like.

Your Pinterest Audit includes

>> Check board descriptions for keywords

>> Add niche boards if necessary with up to 10 pins per board

>> Joining up to 5 group boards and Tailwind Tribes

>> Creating a spreadsheet with up to 100 of your pins with Name of Product/Blog, Pin URL, and Link

  One-Time Fee Starting at $300