Pin Design with Keyword Descriptions

Are you tired of designing pins?

When you’re finally done designing a pin, you then need to come up with a description that includes keywords. It’s even more frustrating now that Pinterest prioritizes fresh pins.

Looking for a Pinterest pin designer?

That’s where I come in.

Pin Design Services

Pin DESIGN by the PIN

Starting at $10 per pin

This includes using your brand cover images or stock photos. The pin includes a description that contains keywords if you choose at no extra charge.


Starting at $100 for 10 pins

This includes everything from Pin Design by the Pin, and you save $25.

Why hire a Pin designer?

Pinterest has made important changes to its algorithms and prioritizes fresh content (new pins). That said, creators must create new pins regularly to achieve results on Pinterest.

If you’re busy working on your business, you probably have other things to do than designing new pins every week.

Or you may just be struggling with the whole design part of it and coming up with new ideas.

By hiring a Pin designer, you can finally focus on your business without putting all your energy into creating pins for your account.

What Clients Say