Do You Sell on TpT? You Need a Blog!

Why Do You Need an Education Blog?

Supplementary education services, including Teachers Pay Teachers, are big business that continues to show growth with multiple types of opportunities available. As a teacher, you have an array of resources and advice to disburse to other educators, students, and others interested in education. There’s no easier way to communicate with others than blogging. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the education industry employs over 3.5 million people. Every day someone types a search query searching for information or resources. With an education blog and a bit of attention to search engine optimization (SEO), you can reach many around your neighborhood, your state, and around the world using minimal effort.

Benefits of Blogging

For TpT sellers, a blog helps potential buyers see you as an authority and helps you build a relationship with the people who purchase your products. Your blog also gives you the opportunity to show how you use the products you’ve created in your classroom and how they can use them in their classroom. Blogging also provides a sharing place for information, advice and a setting for conversations within your industry. It’s a place to discuss issues and practices on your mind. It’s where classroom experiences are shared and reflected upon. It’s a place to support, offer guidance, and find collaboration. Blogging is a platform to promote your school and yourself through writing. It’s a place to show buyers you are an authority and builds trust when deciding whether or not to purchase your products.

 How to Start an Education Blog

 Before the actual setup and creation of a blog, take a moment to determine what you want out of your blog. Who will be reading it, and what’s of interest to them? Allow these answers to steer you towards the style and layout that works for your needs as well as the blog’s topic focus.

Next, use this overview as your guide for creating a blog:

Step 1: Choose a name for your blog.

Step 2: Purchase the domain name, also known as the URL, for your blog. Try to keep the domain name simple to remember, simple to spell, and match the name you’ve chosen for your blog. SEO Bonus: If possible, select the name to match the focus topic of your blog. When others do an internet search for this topic, your blog name should appear in the search results.

Step 3: Select a website host.

Step 4: Decide which website platform to use for your blog site. WordPress is very popular and coded for blogging. WordPress is well-loved among web designers and quite friendly to work in.  There are numerous tutorials if you’re techy-inclined and want to try this yourself.

Step 5: Begin writing.

Step 6: Share your blog posts on social media sites like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Teaming up with a web designer makes the process easy, from setting up to launch. The designer can assist with the whole process plus provide guidance into best practices.

Determining What to Share on Your Education Blog

Now that you’ve decided to blog, you may wonder what to blog about and what to share with your readers. Here are some ideas to get your creativity stirred:

As a source for lesson plans and teaching materials in your TpT store

  • Shortcuts and tips for doing well in school
  • Use your blog as a hub for keeping students and parents updated on what’s happening in your classroom and around the school
  • As a tutoring resource to teach or expand on lessons
  • As an adult education resource
  • Offering advice to college students on how to succeed in higher education
  • Write about the influences of technology on education and new trends
  • Discuss educational computer programs and educational products
  • Review teaching curriculum and development

These suggestions are a small sampling of what could be shared on your blog and what you’ll find across educational blogs.

Running an educational blog can be very rewarding. If you’ve been thinking about it, I encourage you to begin.

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