How Pinterest Can Help TpT

Did you know that people on Pinterest are buyers? They may be pinning to boards but they’re buying too.

According to Charles Huff, author of How to Sell on Etsy with Pinterest (Selling on Etsy Made Ridiculously Easy), “Pinterest users are buyers of things that aren’t cheap. Pinterest users like things that can be expressed visually. Pinterest users like things that are creative. artistic, individual,¬†aspirational.”

The things you sell in your Etsy store are exactly what Pinterest users are looking for. Your items are unique, may be homemade, and many can be personalized for the buyer or for the recipient. You offer items that can’t be purchased in chain department stores or e-commerce sites that buy in bulk to sell online.

How can Pinterest Help a Boutique Business or Etsy Store?

When you pin your item on Pinterest, you are getting much more exposure than you will when the customer goes to Etsy and searches. You’re also getting the benefit of the people following the Pinterest user that pinned your items. Just think of the potential buyers with many followers pinning items from your store.

You may be thinking to yourself that you don’t need another ‘to do’ on your list but the best way to make Pinterest work for you is to pin frequently during the day. It is also suggested that you pin other people’s pins that match your potential buyers. Some recommendations are: to pin as much of other people’s content as your own and for every 5 or 6 pins of someone else then pin your own.

You could do all this yourself or you could hire a Pinterest Manager. A Pinterest Manager can:

  • Set up your Pinterest Business account.
  • Create your business boards and add pins.
  • Add product descriptions to pins.
  • Set up board list for pins.
  • Follow influencers in your niche.
  • Schedule pins using Tailwind or Board Booster.3
  • Join group boards or Tailwind Tribes on your behalf.
  • Set up your own group board or tribe and invite people to join.
  • Add people who want to join your board or tribe and monitor for appropriate pinning.

If you think you’re ready to use Pinterest to increase sales for your Etsy or boutique store, I can help you. I have several packages designed to help you with getting started. If you don’t find a package that works for you I also can create a custom package and offer a la carte services.