Who I Work With

My passion lies in working with food influencers and food stylists. As an Online Business Manager, I’m all about making your life easier by taking care of everything from the day-to-day operations to big-picture projects.

Let’s Talk About

Where You Are:

  • Your day is over, and nothing was accomplished.
  • You’re drowning in “To Do” lists.
  • You have a backlog of lucrative ideas but lack the bandwidth.

Where You Want to Be:

  • Every day is spent working “on” your business.
  • “To Do” list??? Do those even exist anymore?
  • My OBM gives me a 90-day plan for projects and manages them from conception to completion.

    About Melissa Sasser

    Welcome, food influencers and stylists, to a world of streamlined operations and project management tailored just for you! I’m Melissa, your dedicated partner in handling the day-to-day intricacies of your business, so you can focus on what you love—creating tantalizing culinary experiences and inspiring food content. My mission is to give you back the precious gift of time, enabling you to delve deeper into your passions and embrace a fulfilling life beyond your business.

    As an Online Business Manager, I specialize in fine-tuning systems, optimizing operations, and skillfully managing teams. It’s not just a job for me; it’s my passion. Moreover, I bet you have a treasure trove of ideas for lucrative projects yet lack the time to bring them to life. That’s where I come in as your dedicated online business manager, transforming your concepts into reality from inception to completion.

    Drawing on my heritage of hardworking family members and fueled by an unwavering work ethic, I am committed to delivering exceptional results. Together, let’s put our heads together and strategize how I can best support you on your journey. Your success is my top priority, and I am eager to collaborate, ensuring that every aspect of your business runs seamlessly.

    As an experienced online business manager, we specialize in assisting food influencers like you in growing and optimizing your brand. Whether you’re a passionate home cook, a professional chef, or a culinary adventurer, we have the expertise to take your online presence to new heights.

    With our comprehensive suite of services, we handle the behind-the-scenes aspects of your business, allowing you to focus on what you do best—creating exceptional content. We’ve got you covered, from strategic planning and brand development to social media management and collaborations.

    Let us take care of the logistics while you focus on what truly matters—creating mouthwatering images and recipes, sharing culinary tips, and inspiring food enthusiasts around the world.

    Say goodbye to the overwhelm and embrace the freedom to explore your creativity and passions. Let’s embark on this exciting adventure together, where I will handle the behind-the-scenes operations, allowing you to thrive as a food influencer or stylist. Get ready to savor the sweet taste of success with the dedicated support of a passionate Online Business Manager by your side—let’s make magic happen!

    Ready to take your food influencer career to the next level? Contact us today to discover how [Your Business Name] can elevate your online presence and transform your passion into a thriving business. Together, let’s savor the taste of success!