Customer Service Tips for TpT Stores

Customer service tips for tpt, teacher-sellers|TpT|customer service|teacher-sellers|

Do you make sure that you provide a great customer service experience for your buyers?

There are simple ways to keep your customers happy, coming back to purchase more products, and referring you to friends and relatives. TpT and teacher-sellers can’t afford to ignore customer service.

A few weeks ago, there was a big discussion in a Facebook group about customer service. It made me start thinking about why I go back to the same online sites to buy products and services. I know it can be time-consuming to respond to comments and questions but it is so important to establishing a relationship with your customer.

Do You Respond to Comments in Your TpT Store?

The opinion in the Facebook group was that just a thank you for positive comment was more than enough. For a negative comment, don’t try to justify unless it’s absolutely necessary. A simple “Thank you for the feedback. I apologize for…”. Don’t be afraid to admit if a mistake was made. Everyone can forgive an honest mistake. Everyone wants to do business with someone they consider honest and ethical.

Do You Respond to Questions in Your Tpt Store?

If a customer has a question your timely reply can be the difference between making a sale or losing a sale. If you don’t reply quickly or not at all, you might make one sale but your customer may decide you don’t need their business and find someone who does.

The Best Experience I Ever Had

I ordered a personalized picture for my newborn granddaughter from an Etsy seller. The seller emailed me several times as he was making the picture. We discussed colors and everyone knows I like sparkle! He sent pictures of the picture during different stages before he finished. I know he went over and above but you get the point. Who do you think I will go to first the next time I need something like that picture. I’ve told everyone I know that needs what he makes!

We all know that it can be time-consuming. It does take up a lot of time to respond to comments and questions but well worth the time when you gain a new customer that won’t go anywhere else and recommends you to everyone they know.

I Don’t Have Time

If you don’t have time to personally handle this task, CLICK HERE. I can provide the customer service tasks you need as well as other services you may need for your TpT store.

Customer service tips for TpT, teacher-sellers|Tpt|teacher-sellers|customer service|

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