How Do You Boost Etsy Sales? Start with Customer Service

How to boost Etsy sales? Start with customer service|Etsy|customer service|boost sales|

Every customer is attracted to a business that treats them like they are all that matters. And indeed they do! The adage of 'the customer is king' is not overrated. The customer is THE king. Those who make the mistake of treating customers badly suffer the misfortune of a failed business.

Today, 1 out of 3 businesses selling on Etsy fails because of poor customer service.

The brand name may be one to die for, the products amazing, and the exposure out of this world, but if the customer service is poor, then the business will surely fail.

So how do you ensure that clients are kept happy all the time?

While this is a time-consuming process in itself and sometimes not a pleasant one, it is something you cannot avoid if you want to achieve success in your Etsy shop. Before anything else, you should note that the customer is looking for the products you sell and is impressed with your products above others by purchasing from your store or even expressing interest. This means they trust you and your product. It’s now up to you to either uphold their high regard for you and your products or trash it.

In this article, we shall discuss a number of proven ways through which you can ensure that you have a long list of happy, returning customers.

Customers are human beings

The basic thing to note here is that your customers are human beings. This implies that they will react to what they see or hear. When you treat them right, they might give you positive feedback, and this is the goal of every shop owner in addition to actually purchasing. 

When you treat them wrong, some might come back to complain, and others might fade off into the sunset. Worry about those who fade off silently because the chances of coming back are almost nil. Those who come to complain might be customers who feel a little unhappy, and they are looking to see if the store owner cares enough to hear them out.

Respond to all comments, positive or negative

There will be great feedback from your customers and some not-so-great ones. You should respond to both forms of feedback in a polite, friendly manner. Always start by thanking them for their feedback, then respond accordingly.

For negative feedback, it is important to understand why the client feels like they do.

A client might offer such a feedback

"Horrible product. Will not buy again"

That is the dreaded feedback no Etsy shop owner ever wants to see, yet such feedback can be easily found.

How do you respond?

“Thank you for your feedback”.   Wrong

“Thank you for your feedback. Kindly let us know what was wrong with the product. We struggle to ensure you are 100% satisfied’. Correct.

The second response speaks to the client’s mind. You will find that the client expounds on why they felt unhappy. If you work on that or promise to do so, you might turn an unhappy client into a repeat buyer! They might even decide to edit their unfavorable comments into something positive after the interaction. Other people can also see how you respond, and they will be looking to receive similar treatment. Sales will undoubtedly rise.

It’s all about creating great experiences through personalized services

Of all the shops I visit online, I continuously buy products from a specific, limited number. This is because of the way they make me feel. The sellers may not have an idea of who I am, but the way they talk to me in a personalized manner makes me feel at home immediately.

“Hi Melissa, great to see you again! What can we do for you today?...”

Creating a great experience with your customers or potential customers is a key factor to success.

A while back, I ordered a personalized picture for my newborn granddaughter from an Etsy seller. The seller emailed me several times as he was making the picture. We discussed colors and how we could make it sparkle. Everyone knows I like sparkle! He sent pictures of the picture during different stages before he finished. I'm sure he does that for everyone, not just me, but you get the point he made me feel my business was important. He gets it!  Who do you think I will go to first the next time I need something like that picture? I’ve told everyone I know about him who is looking for the kinds of products he makes! 

Respond to questions politely

There will be many questions on a variety of things pertaining to your business. You should take the time to respond promptly to those questions. A quick response to a question might mean the difference between a sale or loss of one.

Make follow-ups after the sale

Once you make your sale, it is always advisable to follow up at some point so that you can understand if the customer is satisfied with what they bought. This creates some sense and level of loyalty between you and the customer, allowing them to come back to you when they need your product or services. They also tell others about you, and this form of referral marketing is one of the best!

Hire a VA to manage the customer service and experience

If you do not have the time or are not willing to engage yourself this way, you can always hire a virtual assistant who can handle this part of the business for you. This has proven to be one of the best decisions a business can make, particularly if the business is expanding fast. A virtual assistant will ease the burden of consistently keeping up with clients and ensuring they are satisfied all the time.

To see how I can help you with customer service in your shop, START HERE

How to boost sales on Etsy with customer service|Etsy|boost sales|customer service|

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