do you know the 4 secrets to great customer service?|customer service secrets|

Do You Know the 4 Secrets to Great Customer Service?

February 6, 2017

 Small businesses can’t afford to lose customers because they lack good customer service skills. In this post are the 4 main customer service tips for small businesses. Customer service is vital for any business especially…

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Why are businesses hiring Virtual Assistants/ |virtual assistant|businesses

Why Do You Need a Virtual Assistant?

November 18, 2016

And the Question Is…Why Are Businesses Hiring Virtual Assistants? If you’re selling on TpT or another Teacher-Seller site or own an online boutique business you are most likely doing everything yourself. It may be time…

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Congratulations! You’re Ready to Hire a Virtual Assistant

November 4, 2016

3 Tips to Remember When Hiring a Virtual Assistant Make sure that you are able to communicate with each other. Does your consultant understand your instruction? Have it repeated back to you to make sure…

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