Absolute Proof Pinterest Increases Sales for TpT and Etsy!

Proof that Pinterest Increases Etsy and TpT Sales

As a Virtual Assistant specializing in Pinterest Management with a special interest in growing a Pinterest presence for TpT(Teachers Pay Teachers) and Etsy sellers, I have had many clients asking me a very fundamental question:

Does Pinterest really assist in increasing sales for my TpT or Etsy store?

Well, the answer is pretty obvious, but to avoid bias, I set out to do research by asking the same question in several TpT FB groups. I wanted to know if TpT sellers had achieved enough success in sales to make it worth their time to use Pinterest to market their products.

The specific question went on like this:

TpT question facebook

The feedback was surprisingly overwhelming. Below are some of the comments I received.

(The names have been blacked out for confidentiality purposes.)

some more...

comments two

And then even more...

comments three

There were more responses, but you get the idea.

While working with TpT sellers providing Pinterest Management services, I have come to realize two things:

  • TpT sells to a specific audience- Teachers
  • Most of those teachers are women.

I know that Etsy and TpT are 2 completely different stores but think about this if you have an Etsy shop, most of your buyers are women too but not just teachers! Your buyers are women of all professions, backgrounds, interests, and ages, depending on the products you sell.

Etsy sellers are really failing in marketing on Pinterest

TpT sellers know something Etsy sellers have not figured out yet or haven't given Pinterest marketing a fighting chance.  This blog post is an update to another post I’ve written about How Pinterest Can Help Etsy Sellers Increase Sales.

I’ve also asked the same question in Etsy FB groups, and the responses were very disappointing. Some sellers say they’ve used Pinterest, but it really wasn’t worth the time and effort, and others have said

“oh I never thought of that I’ll have to look into that later”.

What do you want to bet ‘later’ never comes?  

They experiment for a short period and then give up

After asking a few more questions, I found out the Etsy sellers that had actually tried Pinterest had only given a few weeks to maybe 2 months. That’s not enough time to get your pins in Pinterest’s feed and time to start showing up and getting re-pins. Most gave up after that duration.

Dull, uninteresting, and boring pins

Another thing Etsy sellers need to do is make the pins of your products look attractive. Pinterest is a visual search engine. You have to make your products stand out from the rest! It's so very simple to do with just a little frame and some color. People love looking at pretty images (I bet you do as well), so why not make your product images more attractive? 

As an example, which pin would catch your eye quicker?

Pinterest Helps Etsy Sales

 Pinterest gives you a chance to get free advertisement.

 Every time a pinner pins your pin to a board, it goes into the smart feed. The more your products are pinned the more FREE advertisement you get.

Another thing to remember, pinners have followers. When a pinner saves your products on their boards, their followers also see your pins. That could mean even more potential sales.

What now?

Learn what TpT sellers know (pun intended). Pinterest marketing works!

Don’t get left behind, and more importantly, don’t leave money on the table. You can’t afford to not use Pinterest marketing.

In conclusion...

I will be providing an update of this article as changes and more responses are gathered from my experiments. Feel free to check this space later. If you have any questions, lost in the jungle or just want some insights into how Pinterest increases your engagement and probably sales, engage me in a chat, I will be glad to connect.

Proof that Pinterest Increases Etsy and TpT sales

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